Amity Project 2023 | Manipur University Jaipur & SMU Assignment Project 2023 | MUJ

Amity Project 2023 | Manipur University Jaipur & SMU Assignment Project 2023 | MUJ

We are providing Amity MBA Solved project 2023 For Final year students.

Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) Assignments

Manipal students : SEMESTER- MAY 2022, solved assignment LAST DATE : 26 September 2022


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Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) Solved Assignment 2022

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SMU Project 2022 & Solved Assignments

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Manipal University Jan/Feb. 2020 BBA Assignment

Manipal University Jan/Feb. 2022 MBA Assignment

Manipal University Jan/Feb. 2022 BCA Assignment

Manipal University Jan/Feb. 2022 MCA Assignment

MUJ (Manipal University, Jaipur) SMU Solved Assignment 2022:


  • MBA101 Management Process & Organization Behavior Solved Assignment
  • MBA102 Business Communication MUJ Assignment Help
  • MBA103 Statistics for Management MUJ Solved Assignment
  • MBA104 Financial & Management Accounting Assignments Solved for MUJ
  • MBA105 Managerial Economics Solved Assignment for MUJ
  • MBA106 Human Resource Management Solved Assignment


  • MBA201 Production & Operations Management Solved Assignment
  • MBA202 Financial Management -MUJ Solved Assignment
  • MBA203 Marketing Management Solved Assignment
  • MBA204 Management Information System -MUJ Solved Assignment
  • MBA205 Operations Research Solved Assignment
  • MBA206 Project management Solved Assignment (MUJ)


  • MBA301 Research Methodology Assignment Solution MUJ
  • MBA302 Legal Aspects of Business Assignment Help MUJ
  • Other 4 specialized Subjects


  • MBA401 Strategic Management & Business Policy Assignment Solution
  • MBA402 International Business Management Solved Assignment
  • Other 4 specialized Subjects
  • MUJ Project Report Solved

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Manipal students:  SEMESTER- MAY  2022 solved assignment LAST DATE : 26 September 2022

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